The premium product to keep your dogs safe in transit

Dog-Training4u is proud to work in close partnership with our sponsors TransK9. Transporting your dog safely and securely should always be a priority, whatever the length of your journey. TransK9 offers a wide range of dog transit products to fit every vehicle and for every dog. Their premium products are manufactured in Britain and delivered assembled so you’re ready to go. TransK9 dog cages and boxes are the safest in the UK, their customer service is superb and their quality is second to none.

I have used TransK9 products to transport my dogs for 11 years and would use nothing else. The specification includes emergency rear escape doors, key locking handles, interior anti-slip matting and removable central dividers, all fitted as standard, not optional extras. TransK9 is as committed to the wellbeing and safety of your dog as you are – their products are the obvious choice.

Trans K9

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